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Connecting unconnected seniors and making aging at home easier. Giving caregivers and families a peace of mind.


We believe that everybody should benefit from the Internet and other technological advancements. However, the digital divide is currently wide between young and old as well as the able and disabled. Even in developed countries like the US, 30-40% of 65+ year old adults are not connected technologically. They are lonely, they are disengaged and they don't have access to a number of resources that might help improve their wellbeing.


SeeYouLink created an innovative social inclusion product that provides seniors with a safe, secure and accessible environment in order to enable connectedness, involvement, mental engagement and a sense of purpose. Even adults who have never used a computer before, have low vision, or mild dementia find SeeYouLink as simple as flicking on a light!



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“It changed my life for the better! It brought me into the 21st century."

Henry is 85 years old SeeYouLink user. Before SeeYouLink, he never used a computer, tablet, or any other smart device. He uses SeeYouLink mostly to research about topics of his interest on the web.
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“It makes me feel much more capable. It's like an extra arm!”

Hilda is 90 years old, and although she used a computer before SeeYouLink, she finds using SeeYouLink much easier and “clearer”. She is exchanging “tons of emails” daily, listening to music, and watching ballet, all from SeeYouLink.
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“The computers are marvelous things, because I can go to it and do some activity that engages my mind, and there is no other thing when you're alone. I would certainly recommended it!”

Edith Shablin is 98 years old and she never used a computer before she was introduced to SeeYouLink three years ago. She is now doing crosswords and other word games daily and having regular video calls with her niece living abroad. In her words, it makes her feel less lonely and helps engage her mind.
Our UK client recently did a survey that covered approximately twenty percent of their members using SeeYouLink. Here are the results.
Average Age
1 %
Never Used a Computer Before
1 %
Said it Made Them Feel More Positive
1 %
Would Recommend SeeYouLink

Social Connectedness

Loneliness kills.

Study after study has proven that lack of meaningful social connection significantly reduces life expectancy.

We have built SeeYouLink to make it easy to stay in touch. Using our features like Email, Video Calling, Voice Messages, and Photos, families can keep their loved ones in the loop and include them in any significant events in their lives.

Using any of the number of online communities designed for seniors, they can engage with their peers and even make new friends!

Mental Engagement

Nothing has such a detrimental effect on mental health as disengagement. In an age
where even younger people struggle to keep up with all the current information and entertainment, many seniors do not have access to either.

SeeYouLink comes loaded with games, news, web searching and more to keep their minds active and engaged.

Sense of Purpose

What is life without purpose? Although, we don’t claim we provide purpose to life, we enable seniors to pursue their interests and passions whatever those might be. Some of our users are writing their life stories, and some are researching topics they are passionate about such as history, by searching the web. Others are watching live streams from the local synagogue or church that they cannot visit any more due to their reduced mobility.

Improved Wellbeing

Being able to stay in touch visually with friends and family, being able to pursue interests and passions as well as stay mentally engaged, these all improve wellbeing. In addition, we enable seniors to participate in online care video conferences and to consult with medical and wellbeing experts online.