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Connecting unconnected seniors and making aging at home easier. Giving caregivers and families a peace of mind.

SeeYouLink Product for Seniors
is Reaching End of Life in Jun 2024

Due to financial challenges, we have made the tough decision to discontinue SeeYouLink Shell as of June 15th. Effective immediately, annual subscriptions will no longer renew. If your subscription is currently active, you can still use SeeYouLink until June 15th. The final renewal for monthly subscriptions will be in May 2024, with access continuing until June 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are grateful for your support. For assistance or inquiries, please email

SeeYouLink continues to develop collaboration and real-time communication platform Talaria.


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“It changed my life for the better! It brought me into the 21st century."

Henry is 85 years old SeeYouLink user. Before SeeYouLink, he never used a computer, tablet, or any other smart device. He uses SeeYouLink mostly to research about topics of his interest on the web.
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“It makes me feel much more capable. It's like an extra arm!”

Hilda is 90 years old, and although she used a computer before SeeYouLink, she finds using SeeYouLink much easier and “clearer”. She is exchanging “tons of emails” daily, listening to music, and watching ballet, all from SeeYouLink.
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“The computers are marvelous things, because I can go to it and do some activity that engages my mind, and there is no other thing when you're alone. I would certainly recommended it!”

Edith Shablin is 98 years old and she never used a computer before she was introduced to SeeYouLink three years ago. She is now doing crosswords and other word games daily and having regular video calls with her niece living abroad. In her words, it makes her feel less lonely and helps engage her mind.
Our UK client recently did a survey that covered approximately twenty percent of their members using SeeYouLink. Here are the results.
Average Age
66 %
Never Used a Computer Before
92 %
Said it Made Them Feel More Positive
100 %
Would Recommend SeeYouLink