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Connecting 80+ Year Old Survivors of Holocaust in UK

Six Point Foundation has launched a project called SPF Connect that will get Holocaust survivors and refugees in the UK using the internet. They carried out thorough research to find the optimal solution for this group, the majority of whom are not confident using technology. In their research they did user tests with SeeYouLink, iPads with default software (Mail app, Safari browser etc.) and one other competing product. SeeYouLink came out as winner and they are now preparing to roll it out to over 400 users in the community.

“We took 12 users and split them into three groups, each group testing a different product. Each user would get to try the device for at least two weeks, after which we would ask them questions about their experiences as well as test them to see if they could carry out some basic tasks. When it came to using any of the products independently, SeeYouLink was the most popular and successful.”

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