Privacy Policy

SeeYouLink respects your right to privacy and your right to limit information exchanges to only those you initiate if you so desire. We do acquire specific personal information from private individuals in the course of business. We use this information to serve you better and facilitate your use of our website or applications. We may also acquire a private individual's personal information from registration forms, product order information, or e-mail messages to us. We record information about our applications and application features usage on our server, and use it to do anonymous usage statistics. The SeeYouLink's web server also records visitor IP addresses and domain names for reporting and site usage analysis. Any information that you provide to us when you are setting up your account, your activity statistic or anything else about you is transported via the secured connection (SSL) and stored in an encrypted database (AES256). We do not serve ads to our users, and we do not enable any 3rd party to do so. All information about our users is reported internally and then purged when required. If you supply us with your e-mail address, postal address or phone number through our site, you may receive promotional or informational communications from one of our partners or us. If you prefer not to receive communications from us, or if you have any questions about how we use the information you provide, please contact us at

About SeeYouLink Calling Privacy and Security

All video calls take place via the secure connection (SSL). Video Calls are placed directly between the peers using the encrypted connection, and we or any other party do not have access to the call.

Information held by SeeYouLink

Our use of your personal data has a lawful basis xyz

Personal information

First name Last name Email Optional picture of you, if you decide to set one as your profile picture

Information needed for the functioning of SeeYouLink software features

• if using the Email feature • email account (email and password) • email contacts • if using browser ("Internet") • list of favorites (URLs) • if using Video Calling • list of calling contacts • the email address for the optional voice mail

Information regarding the usage of SeeYouLink software

SeeYouLink started time SeeYouLink session completed time and length Feature use time (e.g., email, calling) • email sent time • email contact added time • email read time • email viewing attached photos time • calendar event added time • calendar view switched to monthly time • calling voicemail sending offered time • calling voicemail sent time • call attempted time • call accepted time • call rejected time • call completed time and duration • the version of SeeYouLink user uses • attempt to update SeeYouLink from version to version • error while trying to update • successful update

How we use your information

SeeYouLink use your information to be able to operate, support and develop the SeeYouLink software including: Decision which software features to advance and which to discontinue offering Decision which software features to promote and explain better Decision how to prioritize development efforts

Third parties

SeeYouLink do not share your information with third parties for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

Your rights

You have the right to: ask for access to your personal information; ask for rectification of the information we hold about you which may be incorrect; ask for the erasure of information about you; ask for our processing of your personal information to be restricted; receive your data in a form allowing you to transit it to another data controller (portability); object to us processing your information If you want to use your rights, for example, by requesting a copy of the information which we hold about you, please contact us on: Tel: (707) 780-9657 main Email: