Are you an organisation, care home or community looking to increase connectedness and quality of life of your members and clients, or to broaden your reach? SeeYouLink helps you keep your clients vital and happy, reduces your expenses and differentiates your brand.

SeeYouLink helps to differentiate your brand, by offering clients video-conferencing, safety monitoring, brain fitness, community news, instant notifications, music, medication reminders and more, even to those with no computer literacy or with mild dementia. “Ease of Use” is our cornerstone, resulting in rapid adoption and mastery.

Our Console enables the SeeYouLink experience to be easily adjusted for your clients remotely. It also provides real-time actionable insight into the usage statistics of the network as a whole, or for an individual.

Customer Success Story


“We are grateful to SeeYouLink for their fantastic and ever-evolving product, their dedication, and the excellent support that they provide.”

Susan Cohen, Executive Director, Six Point Foundation

Features for Organizations


Simple Account Management


Detailed Actionable Statistics


Comunity Communication Tools


Medication and Health Care Management

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Simple Account Management

Managing Accounts, Groups and Facilities

The SeeYouLink Management Console supports hierarchical role-based user administration to enable facilities and organisations to implement their unique administrative policies. You can organize your SeeYouLink Network into groups such as assisted living, acute-care, dementia units, independent living so that users in different groups can receive a unique set of features.

Remote Configuration

All SeeYouLink options (which features should be enabled etc.) for each of your clients can be done remotely from our management console.


Detailed Actionable Statistics

Monitoring and Activity Tracking

Track the latest SeeYouLink activity of the user and their current online status, their engagement and connectednes.


Comunity Communication Tools

Instant Notifications

Breaking and urgent news for the community can be sent to all members or just particular ones and it will immediately appear on their screens followed by a sound to alert them to the notification.

Community Announcements

Keep your residents, clients and their families up to date with the news, events and activities of your company or facility.

Calling Conferences

Residents, day care visitors and at home clients can talk to and see their loved ones and participate in all family activities with a touch or a click.

Appointment Services

Our easy to use appointment scheduling application enables your clients to quickly access and request any of your community/facility services such as Health, Beauty, Repair, and any other.


Medication and Health Care Management

Health Aid Reports

Home health care, adult day center and facility aides can check in with the time they saw a client, use the handy service check list, and make comments that can be shared with family members, care managers and physicians. A report is automatically generated for your records.

Medication Therapy Management

Not adhering to their medication therapy is the major reason for hospital readmission. With our medication therapy management system, this can be easily avoided. Your clients can be reminded about their medication intake time. If they are about to miss their medication, your staff will be notified and can check in with them. The Status of all your clients’ medication therapies can be tracked in real time and in addition all events (e.g. client took medication on time, or client missed medication) are logged for audit purposes.

Emergency Connect

Establish a video and audio connection to your residents/clients computer allowing you to see, hear, and query them even if they are unable to answer a call.

Medical Video Consultation

You can invite family members in remote locations to join in on medical consultations with their loved ones and see and hear the advice given by professionals.