We believe community means no one left behind

We enable communities to reach and engage even those members that are not physically capable of attending meetings or events and are not able to use regular computers, tablets, and others to connect online. They are the ones to benefit from the connection with the community the most.

SeeYouLink helps you to keep your clients vital and happy, reduces your expenses, and differentiates your brand

We will help you to differentiate your brand, by offering clients video-conferencing, safety monitoring, brain fitness, community news, instant notifications, music, medication reminders and more, even for those with no computer literacy or with mild dementia.

Customer Testimonial

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“We are grateful to SeeYouLink for their fantastic and ever-evolving product, their dedication, and the excellent support that they provide.”
Susan Cohen, Executive Director, Six Point Foundation

Easy to Deploy and Support

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“We are staggered to be honest with how easy supporting all the users of the SeeYouLink software is. They generate much less support calls than our conventional businesses where we’re supporting Windows environments.”

Michael Glass, Managing Director, Natpoint LTD

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