Medication and Health Care Management

Health Aid Reports

Home health care, adult day center and facility aides can check in with the time they saw a client, use the handy service check list, and make comments that can be shared with family members, care managers and physicians. A report is automatically generated for your records.

Medication Therapy Management

Not adhering to their medication therapy is the major reason for hospital readmission. With our medication therapy management system, this can be easily avoided. Your clients can be reminded about their medication intake time. If they are about to miss their medication, your staff will be notified and can check in with them. The Status of all your clients’ medication therapies can be tracked in real time and in addition all events (e.g. client took medication on time, or client missed medication) are logged for audit purposes.

Emergency Connect

Establish a video and audio connection to your residents/clients computer allowing you to see, hear, and query them even if they are unable to answer a call.

Medical Video Consultation

You can invite family members in remote locations to join in on medical consultations with their loved ones and see and hear the advice given by professionals.