Form-factor independent

Although, most of our competitors are based on (Android) tablets, the tablet form factor is far from optimal for most of the seniors!

The screen size of the tablet is not ideal for the reduced eyesight that comes naturally with age. Weakened hand dexterity makes it hard for seniors to manipulate content on small screens. To make things worse, the volume isn’t loud enough for seniors and they tend to forget to charge the devices or struggle with plugging in the charging cable.

SeeYouLink can run on almost any device that supports the Windows operating system! Depending on the needs and abilities of seniors, SeeYouLink can be installed on:

All-in-one touch screen PC with large 19-24 inch screen, with or without keyboard and mouse (from our experience, this is optimal for most of the seniors).

Old, refurbished PC, with monitor, keyboard, and mouse (minimum PC requirements are listed on our products page).

Touch or non-touch screen laptop.

PC-on-stick that plugs directly into the TV set and is navigated using a remote control.

Tablet for those who prefer mobility, have good eyesight, or are budget conscious.